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Active DWG DXF Converter



  1. Converting DWG to DXF;

  2. Converting DXF to DWG;

  3. AutoCAD DWG DWG Version Conversion.

  4. Command Line Supported

Active DWG DXF Converter lets you batch convert DWG Files into DXF files and vice versa without AutoCAD. It is also an AutoCAD drawing file version converter supporting both low to high and high to low conversions. Active DWG DXF Converter Supports versions from AutoCAD R2.6 to the latest version AutoCAD 2009.



Command Line

DWG2DXF command line allows to you convert dwg to dxf or dxf to dwg in silent without interface.



Note: Command Line is only supported in Professional Version. Professional Version and normal version are  in the same program with different registration code.
How to use?

dwg2dxf.exe  [/F filename] [/O output filename, or folder] [/D Folder] [/S] [/V Output file Version] [/T DWG2DXF: DXF2DWG: Version][ /?]




Input file name, eg. C:\test.dwg.



Output file name or folder, depend the parameter of /F and /D. if /F then /O specify output file name, otherwise folder.



Input folder.



Include subfolder, only available when /D specified.



Specify output file version, available parameters: R2004/R2000/R14/R13/R12/R11/R10/R9/CurrentVersion. The default value is CurrentVersion.



Specify conversion type.
      DWG2DXF - Convert dwg to dxf;
      DXF2DWG - Convert dxf to dwg;
      Version     - file version conversion, e.g. R2000->R2007   





Convert a dxf file to a dwg file:
dwg2dxf.exe /F c :\dwg\test.dxf /O c:\dxf\test.dwg /T DXF2DWG
Convert all dwg files in a folder:
dwg2dxf.exe /D c:\Project1  /O c:\Folder1  /S /T DWG2DXF


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