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ZWCAD Versions

ZWCAD Professional vs. Standard vs. Academic


ZWCAD Standard Edition is meant primarily for drawing and editing 2D graphics; it also displays, exports, and plots 3D ACIS objects created by the Professional Edition. It includes the LISP, ZRX, and SDS programming interfaces.

ZWCAD Professional Edition offers the full range of functions for creating 2D drawings and 3D models, including ACIS solid model objects. In addition to the LISP, ZRX, and SDS APIs, it also includes VBA.

ZWCAD Academic Edition functions the same as the Professional Edition, but is meant for academic use only. When you plot drawings, a watermark is added to indicate that you are using Academic Edition of ZWCAD.



✓ Feature supported

X  Feature not supported

ZWCAD Professional

ZWCAD Standard

ZWCAD Academic

Compatibility with AutoCAD®

.dwg & .dxf File Format Support

AutoCAD® Resource Files

Autolisp (including DCL)

AutoCAD® Development System(ADS)

SDS (similar to ADS)

SDS (similar to ADS)

SDS (similar to ADS)

VBA Included


Object ARX

ZRX(similar to ARX)

ZRX(similar to ARX)

ZRX(similar to ARX)

Basic Features

2D Drawing, Editing & Dimensioning

Hatch, Block, Xref, Attributes & Image

3D Modeling, Editing & Rendering


3D Views & Displays

Export to JPEP, PNG, PDF etc.


With Watermark

Advanced Features

Parametric Drawing

Design Center & Tool Palettes

MLeader, Table, Field

Ariel View

Express Tools

Unique Features

Batch Plot (pltplot)

Multiple Tab

Drawing Compare

Block Extraction

Image with TFW coordinate file




ZWCAD Versions
Comparison with AutoCAD®
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