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DWG to DWF Converter



AutoDWG DWG DWF Converter a batch converter converts DWG/DXF to DWF without need of AutoCAD. It supports AutoCAD version R9 to latest version AutoCAD 2009.

With DWG DWF Converter you can select a project (folder), and generate a dwf file for each dwg file in the project, then publish them to the Internet/Intranet or your drawing management system.

Features Highlight

  1. Convert DWG/DXF to DWF file directly, no AutoCAD needed;

  2. Support dwg file version from R9 to R2009;

  3. DWG to DWF conversion;

  4. DXF to DWF conversion;

  5. Command line supported (need version 1.1 or later);

  6. Supports three types dwf format
    a) ASCII;
    b) Binary;
    c) Compressed Binary.
    Different types, produce different file size, generally ASCII > Binary > Compressed Binary in file size.

Command Line

DWG2DWF command line allows you to convert dwg to dwf in silent without interface. With command line you can:

  1. Convert a dwg file to a dwf file;

  2. Convert all dwg files in a folder (include subfolder or not) to dwf files.


g2f.exe  [/F filename] [/O output filename, or folder] [/D Folder] [/S] [/B black/white] [/T A:B:C][ /?]



Input file name, eg. C:\test.dwg.



Output file name or folder, depend the parameter of /F and /D. if /F then /O specify output file name, otherwise folder.



Input folder.



Include subfolder, only available when /D specified.



Specify dwf file background, two color supports: black or white. If the parameter is not specified, the default value is black.



Specify DWF output format.
      A - Ascii;
      B - Binary;
      C - Compressed Binary





Convert a dwg file to a dwf file:
g2f.exe /F c :\dwg\test.dwg /O c:\dwf\test.dwf /B black
Convert all dwg files in a folder:
g2f.exe /D c:\dwg /O c:\dwf /S /B black


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